Garden and Yard

Planning is underway for the 2014 (version 6.0!) garden. We have hopes of some seedless grapes this year, along with our normal food. Gary will be looking into what spices and herbs he can grow since he’s doing more cooking. Fresh is always better! But for those that come by to pick up extras, don’t worry, there will still be plenty of kale, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, broccoli, etc. At least, that’s the hope!!!

Slow Cooker Cookin'

Gary continues to learn and experiment with the slow cookers to produce everything from simple desserts to full multi-course meals. Jeanel hasn’t started to hire him out, but he has cooked meals for other folks. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were no problem. Best thing about slow cooking for a party is that when people arrive, the kitchen doesn’t have to be a gathering spot while the cook continues making the meal. When everyone arrives, the food is already ready!!!

Disc Golf

Gary participated in his first official disc golf tournament in November. He didn’t come in last place. Close, but not quite. Most important, Gary had lots of fun. He’ll continue practicing over the winter months before getting into his next tournament.

Trips This Year:
Destin, FL
Columbus, IN
Events This Year:
Jim Brickman
Big 12 Tournament
NCAA Regionals
NBA Exhibition
Chiefs vs Oakland
2 Royals games
Most T-Bones games
Sporting KC

Favorite Links